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Air conditioner installation with sayed cooling solution

Servicing of Air conditioner Unit:

Sayed Cooling Solution providing all kind of split, window, ductable, package and other residential and commercial Air Conditioner. Visit Sayed Cooling Solution for all installations and other related activities. Specially trained and experienced engineers do site visits. Evaluating, preparing and submitting technical BOQ for the site and also most competitive quotes. Site progress and timely completion of sites using the best materials and workmanship.

7 important guidelines for split AC installation

The installation of the split air conditioners is a crucial job. If the installation is done accurately your air conditioner will give optimum cooling, but if it is not done properly you won't get the desired cooling effect. A poor installations also leads to frequent maintenance problems. Several factors have to considered during the installation of split air conditioner.

  1. Strength of wall to hold the AC

    The indoor unit of split AC must be installed on a wall strong enough to hold the unit's weight.

  2. Proper spacing between wall ans AC unit

    The indoor unit of split AC requires at least 15 cm of open space surrounding its top and sides for proper air flow.

  3. Appropriate installation height from ground

    The indoor unit of split AC should be mounted at a height of 7-8 feet above the ground for adequate cooling inside the room.

  4. Correct tilt angle of indoor unit

    While fixing the aluminum bracket on wall make sure that the bracket is given a slight tilt angle, so that the indoor unit of split AC, when fitted is also at a slight angle to enable unrestricted flow of the condensed water from the drain pipe.

  5. Correct location of outdoor unit

    For proper cooling the indoor and outdoor units of split AC should be mounted at location away from direct sunlight and water. The outdoor unit of split AC should be installed in open space so that there is no hindrance to the heat dissipated from the condenser.

  6. Proper placement of outdoor unit

    The outdoor unit of split AC must be placed on a flat and rigid surface. This unit contains key components of split AC like compressor, condenser, fan motor etc. If the unit is not placed on a flat surface then it will vibrate excessively, which can lead to the breakage of copper pipes, coolant leakage and compressor/condenser damage. Further, the vibrating unit makes lots of noise which could disturb you and your neighbors.

  7. Right distance between indoor and outdoor unit

    Correct distance between the indoor and outdoor unit plays a very important role in cooling.The coolant at very low temperature flows inside the copper tubes between indoor and outdoor units of split AC. There is always some loss of cooling effect to the atmosphere when the refrigerant flows between the units. Hence to reduce this loss, the distance between the indoor unit of split AC and the outdoor unit of split AC should be kept as minimum as possible. The maximum allowable distance between the indoor and the outdoor units of split AC can be about 15 meters.

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